PV Panels Cape Town

Pv Panels Cape Town The Single mounting structure has the following features: Easy to assemble. No cutting or drilling required. Adjustable tilt angle from 10 to 50. Bolts, nuts and washer kit supplied. Excluding roof and wall mount bolts. Made from Solar Power Inverter For Sale Cape Town Our Vision “SETSOLAR will become one of […]

Shell Installing Solar At Lubricant Plants

Shell is installing solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs of seven of its lubricant plants in China, India, Italy, Singapore and Switzerland. Altogether, the panels are expected to generate over 7,500 MWh of electricity annually, resulting in the avoidance of greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions of approximately 4,500 metric tons on a CO2-equivalent basis per year (equivalent […]

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SA approves plans for wind, solar, battery and hydrogen superhub

Stable electricity in South Africa hangs in the balance with Escoms problems, the government is desperately trying to avert disaster, whether they will succeed remains to be seen. At Electrogem we believe in being prepared and that is what we are advising all our customers, get ready, it is better not to be prepared and […]

Choosing The Right Generator Set

Generator set is maybe the most expensive part you can find in a substation. Therefore, many factors must be considered when determining the proper size or electrical rating of an… Read more

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The Truth About Solar Panels For Your Home

Revealing Case Study About Solar Panels for Your Home The benefits of solar energy are obvious. I don’t think anyone can argue that it’s not amazing to generate your electricity from the power of the sun, but the biggest question is often cost. Will the savings you gain from solar really pay for the cost […]