Hazardous Installations

As registered master electricians in Cape Town, Electrogem are at the top of our game in being aware of the ever-increasing complexity of standards and codes pertaining to hazardous locations


Commercial electrical projects require a high level of expertise. The quality of electrical work performed has a direct effect on not only the aesthetics of your location, but also its overall function which ultimately impacts potential profits


Our electricians can easily layout, assemble, repair, maintain, connect and test electrical fixtures, apparatus, control equipment and wiring in all residential buildings. No job is too big or too small for us.


At Electrogem our highly skilled industrial electricians possess fundamental and specialised knowledge and skills related to the installation and maintenance of electrical devices and components found in industrial settings.

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Main Electrical Services

  • Electrical installations and fault finding
  • Electrical maintenance and servicing
  • Certificate of compliance (COC) test & inspections
  • Hazardous location installations, inspections and services (such as petrochemical industry, hazardous industrial sites, fuel depots, explosion proof installations, etc.)
  • Fire pump system installations
  • Busbar installations for power reticulation
  • Lightning protection and earthing systems
  • Electric fences and security systems
  • Photovoltaic (PV)/Solar systems
  • Load management and surveying
  • Electrical systems design supervision

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Our Master electricians have over 55 years of experience in diverse and challenging locations enabling us to test and inspect all hazardous areas.

Other Electrical Services

? Main distribution board problems
? Earth leakage systems
? Stove and hot water cylinder points
? Fault finding on all installations
? Borehole pump connections and controls
? Low voltage lighting installations (downlighters, etc.)
? Security lighting and alarms
? Transformer installation and maintenance
? Intercom & CCTV Installation
? Fabrication and engineering

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Master electricians at your service with decades of experience in all kinds of diverse and challenging locations qualifying us to test and inspect all hazardous areas.


14kW residential PV Installation Lions Head

French school 10kW Grid Tied PV installation

African Eagle 20kW Grid tied PV installation

Beaconvale consolidation project

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Bidvest- Harbour Pump room

Industrial Pump room- full installation

Klawer wind farm Fire pump room control panels

African Eagle PV Head

Commercial Electrical Projects Require a High Level of Expertise...Call Us Now on 021-797-7354


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Common Elecrical FAQs

If your electricity bill becomes unusually high, the meter may be faulty and you should ask your utility to check it. If the meter is accurate, an appliance or other load may be using more power than usual.

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Modern comfort comes at a price, and keeping all those air conditioners, refrigerators, chargers, and water heaters going makes household energy the third-largest use of energy in the United States. Here’s what uses the most energy in your home: Cooling and heating: 47% of energy use. … Electric oven: 3-4% of energy use.

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Faulty wiring can also cause your electricity bill to increase. … Damaged wiring can also cause connected appliances to heat up and consume extra electricity. Check for frayed and damaged wiring in your home, particularly if you live in an old house. A wild animal chewing on your wires is a common cause of faulty wiring.

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