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Electrogem Electrical Services focuses on how to create a safe and sound electric installation for your home or business. The installation will be safe and efficient thanks to our master electricians.

It is not an easy task to design an electrical installation. Before the installation can be completed, there are many things to consider, especially in terms of safety. This article will give you some insight into the various types of electrician design requirements.

Fault Finding and Electrical Installations, Cape Town

There are many types of installations that can be classified as electrical installations.

This section will cover the various types of electrical installations that are used in Cape Town. We will also talk about how they work and why they are so popular in modern homes and businesses.

To avoid any fines or even death at your business, it is crucial that you only hire certified electricians.

Wiring Maintenance & Servicing for your Home or Business, Cape Town

It is vital to have your wiring checked before any problems develop. Your wiring should be inspected every few year as it can become damaged or corroded over time. You should schedule this service for your home or company to avoid fires and other problems.

It is possible to have electrical wiring problems that aren’t always obvious. You should immediately contact a professional if there are any damages from water, fire or floods. These damages can lead to more serious problems.

Today, electricity is the only source for power in homes and offices. It has made our lives so much easier than ever. It also comes with a lot of complexity, which can lead to accidents that can prove fatal if they aren’t handled properly.

Certificate of Electrical Compliance, Cape Town

An electrical certificate is a document that certifies that an electrical installation meets all safety standards. After an inspection, the utility company will issue this certificate. If you are selling your property, this certificate will be required. This certificate is also useful for anyone who wishes to register their house or refinance it.

Inspections include checking wiring and insulation and testing for dangerous conditions like electric shock or electrocution. After the inspection is complete, the inspector will issue an electrical certificate of conformity.

Depending on where you live, the inspector is either from your municipality or a city inspector. Although they are not electricians or engineers by trade, they can spot any problems in your home. The inspector will inspect the exterior of the building, look at electrical systems, and test the plumbing.

Photovoltaic System

Photovoltaic systems is one of the main sources of sustainable energy. Through the use of solar panel, they convert sunlight’s energy into electricity. This is done by using semiconductors such as silicon or cadmium sulfide to create electric current when exposed to sunlight.

Photovoltaics is an alternative form of solar power. This subcategory can also be called solar energy. It is often scaled-up and used to produce clean energy such as rooftop installations or utility-scale power.

Photovoltaic systems offer many benefits, including:

It offers affordable solutions to countries that rely on fossil fuels for their primary fuel source.

It protects the environment by avoiding any toxic fumes.

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Main Electrical Services

✔ Electrical installations and fault finding
✔ Electrical maintenance and servicing
✔ Certificate of compliance (COC) test & inspections
✔ Hazardous location installations, inspections and services
✔ Fire pump system installations
✔ Busbar installations for power reticulation
✔ Lightning protection and earthing systems
✔ Electric fences and security systems
✔ Photovoltaic (PV)/Solar systems
✔ Load management and surveying
✔ Electrical systems design supervision

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Vanessa Johnson
Vanessa Johnson
Great guys, always helpful and friendly. Have used their services for many years, always been satisfied with their service and pricing. Highly recommended!
Melany Jane
Melany Jane
I'm really glad to have found Electrogem. Garth and Devin were professional, good-humoured, and worked neatly and hard - not even breaking for lunch. I really appreciated the jargon-free explanations of what was needed, and the great suggestions that I wouldn't have thought of (like replacing the old fluorescents in our stair lights with LEDs). They covered a large amount of work in a few hours and I found their pricing reasonable for the value.
Reggie Pfeiffer
Reggie Pfeiffer
Great friendly professional service. Layne and Garth didn't think twice about going the extra mile and making sure my problems were attended to.
I recently needed an Electrical Compliance Certificate for my property. A "highly recommended" company did an inspection and politely presented me with a "highly inflated" quote for remediation work. I was then referred to Electrogem. Layne Manly from Electrogem responded to my plea for help. Within a few days; Layne and his crew undertook a new inspection, completed the necessary remediation work and issued the necessary compliance certificate. The bill (including the new inspection fee) from Electrogem was substantially lower than the original quote. They are extremely professional, highly responsive and incredibly reliable. You will never go wrong by calling on Electrogem.
Peter Holmes
Peter Holmes
Electrogem have just installed a full solar PV system (panels, inverter, batteries) at my home. I found them to be very professional and the workmanship to be of the highest standard. Layne Manley is knowledgeable and approachable, and his staff (Garth and Michael) were meticulous in performing the installation. I can unreservedly recommend Electrogem .
Sue Barnes
Sue Barnes
When you have an electrical emergency it is great to know an electrician like Layne, as an estate agent it's important that we have a reliable support team, tx guys
Pieter Kotze
Pieter Kotze
Thank you Layne and team, great job, fast, clean and efficient. Highly recommended

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