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Oh Dear! Load shedding is back, here’s a solution to the question: battery backup or generator?

Following the return of load shedding, many businesses have started looking for backup solutions that can help them keep their operations running efficiently. While it is a common issue that every business owner must deal with, there are various solutions that can help keep your company productive.

Aside from reducing your electricity costs, a good backup power solution can also help you decrease your dependence on the national grid. There are two main types of generators: battery backup and generator.

Battery backup systems are quieter than generators and are more energy efficient. They can also run cleaner and are less prone to breaking down. Aside from reducing your electricity costs, they can also work seamlessly with solar panels.

Some businesses only use their generators for backup power, while others only need a battery-based system. There are many options when it comes to choosing a battery-based solution.

A hybrid solar system is a long-term solution that uses the sun’s energy to provide power and reduce costs. It can also store solar-generated energy in batteries and allow you to use it during emergencies.

A hybrid system can be used to provide your essential loads with the power source of your choice, while also supplying the energy needed to keep the lights on when the grid goes down. It can also help lower your electricity costs by reducing the need for load shedding.

Hybrid solar systems are modular, and they can be installed in various phases. Depending on the type of system you decide to use, you can start with solar panels and then add batteries later.

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The main parts of a solar hybrid system are:

  • solar panels – which provide energy savings.
  • batteries – which provide energy security during load shedding.
  • a hybrid inverter – which controls the energy flow between the grid, solar panels, batteries and electrical loads.


For backup systems, it’s usually recommended that you use lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid batteries. This type of battery has a longer lifespan and can last for up to 10 years.

According to Manley of Electrogem Electricians in Cape Town, the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries will be around 25% cheaper than traditional lead-acid batteries. Once the system has been installed, you’ll most likely need to split the electrical loads into two or three sections.


When it comes to solar PV installations, your local municipality requires you to register the system. You can also check with a reputable installer to ensure that their equipment is compatible with the system.

Being able to rely on a backup power solution is a must-have for businesses during times of frequent power cuts. It can help keep employees working and minimize downtime.

Oh Dear! Load shedding is back, here’s a solution to the question: battery backup or generator?

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As South Africa has experienced another round of load shedding, it’s important to prepare for the inevitable power outage. To keep your home and office lights on, Brights Hardware has compiled a list of 10 must-have items.

One of the most essential items on your list is battery-powered lighting. According to Orlando Luis, the CEO of Brights Hardware, there are various types of LED lighting that can be used to keep the lights on even during a power outage.

These smart LED light bulbs are great for keeping your home’s lights on during a power outage. They can be used as standard light bulbs but stay on for up to four hours.

Aside from rechargeable lights, there are also various types of solar-powered lighting solutions that can be used for different applications. Some of these include pool lights, security lights, and solar lanterns. Although it’s very easy to recharge, solar powered lighting is also a great alternative to traditional electrical appliances.

Getting food prepared and keeping the house running during a power outage is an essential component of surviving a blackout. Fortunately, there are various options available to consumers. According to Luis, many people are opting to replace their electrical appliances with gas ones. This will help lower their electricity bills.

Although load shedding is not powerful enough to completely cool off a geyser, it’s still important to investigate other long-term solutions to minimize our dependence on the grid.

Aside from keeping the house running, a generator is also a great way to reduce the frequency of power cuts. However, make sure that the fuel mixture is consistent before buying a generator.

A two-stroke generator is typically used for mixing the oil and fuel, while a four-stroke unit has a separate fuel tank and the oil in its engine. He also noted that the higher the generator’s wattage, the more electricity it can generate.

Unfortunately, there are people who live in areas that are not allowed to run generators due to noise pollution. For these individuals, Luis suggests using a pure sine wave inverter. It can generate up to 10 watts and automatically switches on during load shedding.

A portable power bank is also a great solution for minimizing the loss of cellular phone battery life. Aside from smartphones, these devices can also charge other electronic devices such as tablets and speakers.

A surge protector is also a good idea to protect various electrical equipment from potential damage caused by a power cut. This device can detect and prevent spikes and power surges.

Uninterruptible power supplies are also known as UPSs. They provide immediate power to various devices and equipment, such as hospitals, factories, and data centres. A UPS is typically used to protect these types of facilities from potential loss of data or injuries.

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